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1. Zakia Miami Zakia Miami Makeup Brush

Zakia Miami First Impressions

"Great purchase."

The quality is excellent for daily use. Outside these two side, the brushes are fantastic. I recommend this brush to anyone. These work great, they are pretty sturdy as well. I just might get them for myself!

  • Zakia Miami From The Manufacture
  • EASILY APPLY YOUR FACIAL MASK with a mask applicator brush set including 2 ergonomic design brushes for your facial masks. Easily blend your mask in the mixing bowl and prevent a mess in your fingers and the area around.
  • GET A VERSATILE DIY BEAUTY TOOLS SET: Ideal for any type of face mask, our applicator brushes are perfect for your peel off, mud, clay or charcoal facial mask, as well as the application of your body lotion, serum or butter.
  • INVEST IN THE BEST FACE MASK BRUSHES: Made of soft silicon, much sturdier than common plastic bristle makeup or face mask brushes, our mask applicator tools are made to last. Enough with the flimsy mask spatula!
  • CLEAN YOUR MASK BRUSHES IN A BREEZE: Unlike standard brushes with bristles, our face mask application tools are easy to clean, as they prevent bunches of the mask from getting stuck on the bristles, facilitating cleaning.
  • OFFER A THOUGHTFUL GIFT: Thrill a special beauty expert or home beauty enthusiast with the best gift! Perfect for sensitive skin on the face and body, our silicon makeup brushes make the perfect gift idea on any occasion.
  • Editor's Impressions Of The Zakia Miami
  • Softness
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

Zakia Miami Final Thoughts

"Love my makeup brushes."

I need to buy a few backups in case it is discontinued. The brushes are so soft and beautiful! Not to mention the gorgeous color. This make up brush set is good for travel. I have been using these for the last month.

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