Top 1 Best SmallYin Makeup Brushes

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite SmallYin Makeup Brush

1. SmallYin SmallYin Makeup Brush

SmallYin First Impressions

"The bristle are soft."

The brushes were exactly as described. I got this for my girlfriend and she really likes them. It's high quality and easy to use. The bristles are very soft and has easy to hold handles. So far I'd say they are worth the money!

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  • Softness
  • Quality
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SmallYin Final Thoughts

"Didn't even stink."

Smaller than expected but great quality! The brushes are really soft and of high quality. I used them to do a dark purple and black eye look. I highly recommend these brushes! They are so soft, they feel so luxurious and high end.

Overall Score

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