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JASSINS First Impressions

"Larger than expected."

Soft and they look just like the picture. Good product for the money so far. Absolutely LOVE this brush holder! What surprised me most is the touch of the brush. The brushes are really soft and of high quality.

  • JASSINS From The Manufacture
  • Exquisite pattern metal brush rod, unique shape, exquisite design, aluminum materials to maintain the luster and texture, concave and convex, grip first-class, just right.
  • The bristles are made of superior quality fiber hair, soft and delicate to the touch. The bristles are compact and rich, making the makeup natural and quick, leaving no traces, no hair, no skin irritation.
  • The kit contains a fleece bag with a tight end, which can be placed in a milk bag whether you are out or at home to prevent smudges or damage to the bristles, and is easy to carry around.
  • This is not just a set of eye department make up brush, the brush inside shape size is different, can be used according to the need for foundation, concealer, blush, lipstick, a set of brushes to meet your all-round makeup needs.
  • A beautifully designed makeup brush is a great gift for a beauty lover or your loved ones, loved ones, and friends.
  • Editor's Impressions Of The JASSINS
  • Softness
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

JASSINS Final Thoughts

"These brushes are soo soft!"

I decided to invest in these brushes as starter brushes. They pick up the powders easily and in a good amount. It is a complete set for both face and eyes. The quality is excellent for daily use. You get a good amount of brushes for the price as well.

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