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ISHSHAH First Impressions

"My clients love these!"

I highly recommend for an amateur or professional. Good product for the money so far. I got this for my girlfriend and she really likes them. I used them to do a dark purple and black eye look. They feel like whipped butter gliding over your face.

  • ISHSHAH From The Manufacture
  • 2 Beautifully Presented Makeup Brushes in a Gift Box Presentation
  • Both Brushes separate into 4 individual brushes
  • Compact size enables easy storage for travel
  • Soft and dense synthetic fibers to apply with liquid, powders or cream. No waste of makeup and cosmetics.
  • Ideal for blending, highlighting, shading and contouring. Helping to achieve flawless finish.
  • Editor's Impressions Of The ISHSHAH
  • Softness
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

ISHSHAH Final Thoughts

"These brushes are really soft."

Not to mention the gorgeous color. Planning on buying another set. I just might get them for myself! The bristles are soft, and pick up plenty of product. I highly recommend for an amateur or professional.

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